Resume your studies

Degree already obtained or in the case of interrupted studies due to renunciation/forfeiture

If your enrollment has lapsed, or if you have already renounced your studies, or if you have already obtained a degree and want to enroll in any other course of study at Uniss, you can request, concurrently or subsequently to enrollment, the recognition of credits already acquired. The Course Council will verify the disciplinary contents of the exams taken in the previous career for possible recognition, either partial or total.

Deadlines and procedures

Those who already hold an academic degree, and those who wish to resume studies previously interrupted due to resignation or forfeiture, can apply for enrollment in a study program with credit recognition, by filling out the enrollment application on Self Studenti Uniss, from August 1, 2023, to October 16, 2023, and selecting the enrollment mode with credit recognition. For programs with a limited number of places, the deadlines specified in the respective announcements published on the website apply.

Autocertifications of the obtained degree and completed exams must be declared and attached.

The applications will be examined by the respective Course Boards, and the outcomes will be communicated to the Student Secretariat. The student must pay the additional fee required in addition to the enrollment fee.

Double credit recognition is not permitted: educational activities already recognized for credit allocation within one study program cannot be further recognized within other study programs.

For further information, please contact, preferably via email, the relevant Student Secretariat.