Course Change - Curriculum

Within the terms specified annually by the Student Career Regulations, the student can apply for a course change through their reserved area on Self Studenti Uniss.

There are two types of course changes:

1. Transfer to another study program activated at the University.
2. Transfer to another curriculum within the same study program.

Transfer to Another Study Program

The student wishing to transfer must first renew their enrollment for the new academic year and pay the first installment of the enrollment fee. Only after this, the guided procedure will ask to indicate the course to which they want to transfer and the possible chosen specialization (curriculum). At the end of the process, the transfer fee will be charged.

After submitting the application, it will no longer be possible to take exams related to the original study program.

The request will be forwarded to the Council of the chosen Study Program, which must decide, within the deadlines established annually by the Student Career Regulations, the year of enrollment for the student, the exams recognized, and any educational debts to be fulfilled.

The student, after viewing the deliberation, will decide whether to accept its content or not.

After the completion of the transfer, the student can take exams for the new course.

Note: First-year students who intend to transfer courses (so-called "first for first") do not need to follow the online procedure described above but should go to the relevant Student Secretariat.

Change of Curriculum within the Same Study Program

The student wishing to change the curriculum within the same study program will follow the same procedure described in the previous paragraph regarding Course Changes. The only difference is that no additional fee is required for the change of curriculum.

academic deadlines for the 2023/2024 academic year

"From August 1, 2023 to October 16, 2023, it is the period within which you can autonomously carry out the following actions in Self Studenti Uniss:

  • Switch to a different course of study
  • Change the study regulations"

For information regarding the choice of the most suitable course or regulations for your situation, please contact the Academic Coordinator of the department related to the chosen course.

For information on the administrative procedure to request a course transfer or change in regulations, preferably via email, please reach out to the relevant Student Office.