WiFi Services - Eduroam

EDUROAM: Mobility for GARR Users

Eduroam® (education roaming) is the GARR service that provides secure access to the wireless network for users of the University and Research community while traveling within Europe and beyond.

Students, professors, and researchers visiting an institution that is part of eduroam can access the network by simply turning on their laptop or smartphone (or other mobile device) and authenticating with the credentials commonly used within their own organization.

New WiFi Network Access Procedures

Starting from December 1, 2023, the university has initiated a process to upgrade the technological infrastructure of the WiFi network, including the installation of new equipment.

To access WiFi, it will be necessary to exclusively use the network identified with the SSID eduroam.

University staff members are required to authenticate using their institutional credentials. Specifically, the username should be entered as their username followed by the suffix @uniss.it, and the broadband password should be used (not to be confused with the email password).

For student accounts, the username will be the SelfStudenti username followed by the suffix @studenti.uniss.it, and the SelfStudenti password.

If eduroam access is already active on the device using the previous methods, it will be necessary to go to network settings, delete the current configuration, and reconfigure it using the above-mentioned procedures.

The previous SSID unissmobile will be discontinued and can no longer be used.

The control system verifies credentials and keeps track of the accessed services, in compliance with current privacy and security regulations (Legislative Decree 196/2003 "Privacy Code" and related legislation).

The EDUROAM Statistics

Mappa EDUROMA nel mondo

The Italian EDUROAM Federation is coordinated by GARR and involves 35 countries in Europe, the United States, Canada, and 10 countries in Asia and the Pacific region, including Australia, China, Japan, and Taiwan. Among the currently participating Italian institutions are CNR, INFN, INAF, and over 40 universities.

With over 5000 hotspots in the EU and hundreds of connected research institutions, museums, laboratories, libraries, university campuses, etc., EDUROAM is rapidly expanding. This growth is facilitated by the widespread use of mobile devices and the increasing mobility of students and researchers.

EDUROAM Hotspots Worldwide

Who manages EDUROAM

EDUROAM is a registered trademark of the GEANT Association (formerly TERENA), a trans-European association of academic and research entities. It promotes collaboration, innovation, and information sharing across 38 countries with the aim of developing network infrastructures and services within academic and research communities.

The Italian EDUROAM Federation is coordinated by GARR, representing it internationally. The Federation's purpose is to facilitate network access for mobile users from participating organizations.