IT Support

Internal Staff: Professors, Administrative and Technical Staff, and Collaborators Students (for assistance with Self Studenti and myUniss app)
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Internal Staff and Collaborators

The new unified system for requests and support management for all services related to the University Computer Services is now active.

For all technical IT intervention requests, an online form is available: submit a service request.

Alternatively, you can call the number 079-229852 and send an email to

The service is aimed at:

  • Teaching Staff;
  • Administrative, Technical, and Library Staff;
  • Collaborators;
  • Other personnel collaborating with University structures.

Service requests cover the following areas:

  1. Technical support for hardware and software of computer workstations (PCs, printers, and other peripherals, Sophos antivirus);
  2. Network connectivity (connection issues, malfunctions, configuration requests);
  3. University CINECA management systems (user configuration, general application configurations, malfunctions);
  4. Google (email), Microsoft (Teams), and Office 365 platform (package installation, malfunction resolution);
  5. Support for internally developed proprietary University applications (personal area management, user management, needs assessment, etc.);
  6. Assistance with unique credentials for access to the network and University services;
  7. Fixed and mobile telephony (malfunctioning of users, internal and mobile phones);
  8. Digital and remote signatures (issuance and assistance).

Excluded areas from the service:

  • Workstations in computer labs, classrooms, and laboratories.


  • It is not allowed to seek IT support by contacting CSI staff directly; it is necessary to always open a ticket regardless of the request.


To request assistance for anomalies in the SelfStudenti system and the MyUniss mobile application, please send an email to

For issues related to access to the e-learning platform (, please send an email to

Online Form for Service Requests