Atomic Force Microscope - AFM

Microscopio a Forza Atomica - AFM

The Asylum Research 3D instrumentation consists of a basic unit that includes the atomic force microscope "head," scanner, controller, and anti-vibration system that ensures the stability of the head during scanning. A range of accessories are then present and available for the various analytical techniques that can be implenetated on the instrumentation.


Topographic analysis on solid-phase, organic and inorganic chemical systems exposed to air or present in solution. Possibility to conduct analysis in different modes: "AC mode" and "Contact mode".

  1. Additional possible analyses:
    Piezoresponse of materials (Piezoresponse Force Microscopy) in "Single frequency" and "Dark" mode ( Dual Amplitude Resonance Traking)
  2. Kelvin Probe Force Microscopy
  3. Evaluation of the piezoelectric constant d33 proper to piezoelectric materials

Possible fields of application

Materials science: nanoscale analysis of surface morphology for massive systems and thin films.