University corporate welfare plan

The corporate welfare project was conceived as a vision for the future of the University of Sassari, serving as a valuable tool to enhance the work environment and the well-being of employees. It encompasses a set of initiatives that provide access to care, support services, and cultural activities in the broadest sense.

For the three-year period 2023-2025, the University has entered into an agreement with the Autonomous Region of Sardinia for a financial intervention related to the experimentation of a corporate welfare plan. This plan is intended to offer benefits and assistance services to personnel.

In accordance with the principles of selectivity and proportionality, the University of Sassari has implemented measures and assistance interventions for serving personnel, as outlined in the Welfare Plan (Article 13, paragraph 20 of Regional Law No. 1/2023 "Stability Law 2023") for the year 2023.

The working group analyzed needs and orientations through an anonymous questionnaire sent to all technical-administrative and library personnel. The aim was to outline the potentially eligible population for the Welfare Project and guide the choice among intervention areas within the limits of available resources.

Following the public consultation phase, negotiations were conducted with organizational and union representatives for the signing of the supplementary bargaining agreement.

The offer includes the following benefits and services:


  • Subsidy Supplements
  • Other contributions for accessing socio-assistance services
  • Reimbursement of subscriptions for local public transport
  • Other contributions for accessing additional services (Utility Bonus)
  • Awards for outstanding students


  • Listening Desk
  • Organizational well-being training
  • Health insurance
  • Welfare account (fringe benefits)
  • Facilitated agreements