Attendance management

The attendance recording is a procedure managed through a computerized service available to the technical, administrative, and library staff of the University of Sassari.

The platform allows for online consultation of one's attendance situation and the request/insertion of justifications (vacation, smart working, overtime compensation, etc.)

(Credentials for accessing University services, USERNAME, and PASSWORD)

Icona stilizzata con fumetto blu e testo FAQ

1) How can I check my time card from a computer or smartphone?

Connect to the address

2) What do I need to access my time card?

The credentials for accessing the University network, USERNAME and PASSWORD.

3) How should I clock in if I'm working in SMART WORKING?

When entering the time stamps,

in the MOTIVATION menu, choose the option "SMART WORKING ACTIVITY" in the CAUSE menu, select the option "SMART WORKING".

4) In case of leaving for an external service, how should I clock in?

You will need to click on the CAUSE menu on the terminal screen and the word "SERVICE" will appear. Click on the word and then swipe your badge at the exit or entrance depending on the case.

5) What should I do in case of a wrong clock in direction?

The system will adjust the correct direction if all the other clock-ins for the day have been done correctly. In case of further issues, the PTAB Office should be contacted at

6) I clocked in the wrong direction and, to correct it, I made a new clock in but the system detects an error. Can I delete the incorrect clock in?

No. In this case, the PTAB Office must intervene and will proceed to cancel the incorrect clock in.

7) In case of a missed clock in due to forgetfulness, how should I enter it on Startweb?

When entering the forgotten clock ins:

in the MOTIVATION menu, choose the option "forgetfulness or badge absence" in the CAUSE menu, there is no need to select any option.