Art. 2 - Scope and Common Provisions

"debit to current account or credit card" - What document needs to be presented?

It is necessary to request the receipt from the bank. If you have an online account, in the "documents" section, you can download individual accounting statements for completed payments with debits.

Bank Transfer - Can it be made by another person?

The bank transfer can be arranged by another person. It is advisable for the person making the transfer to include in the payment reason "Purchase of item xxx on behalf of Mario Rossi."

Can bills be addressed to others?

Bills can also be addressed to a family member, provided they are cohabiting and part of the same household.

Art. 3 point 3 - Public Transport Subscription Refund

If there are more applications than capacity?

In case of equal scores or if resources are insufficient to satisfy all requests, priority will be given to those with a larger family; in the case of further equality, priority will be given to the applicant with the younger age.

Art. 3 point 4 - Other Contributions for the Use of Additional Services (Utilities Bonus)

Is it a one-time contribution of 600 euros, or a reimbursement for which bills and payments need to be submitted?

It is a one-time contribution for which bills and related payments need to be submitted.

Art. 3 point 5 - Awards for Outstanding Students

Which school year does point a) refer to?

The school year referred to is the just-concluded one: 2022/23. The phrase "Maturato la media voto/CFU prescritta nel presente Avviso" is considered a typo and should not be considered.

Art. 5 - Application Submission Method

If you send it to "selezioni@uniss.it," how do you obtain a Titulus protocol number?

The method for submitting applications is through the PICA platform at https://pica.cineca.it/ in the dedicated section.