The email

Service features

The University of Sassari has entered into an agreement with the multinational Google for the use of Google email services.

User accounts will belong to the domain

Activate or request an institutional email account.

University employees and those actively involved in the teaching and research activities of university structures can activate an institutional email account.

It is necessary to have an active broadband account. In case you do not have a broadband account, you can request activation.

Email accounts can be requested for the following purposes:

  • Personal: An institutional mailbox associated with an individual, such as an employee or collaborator.
  • Office/Service: A generic mailbox associated with an office or service.
  • Conference/Event: A temporary mailbox for specific occasions such as conferences or events.
  • Other: For any other reason (to be specified in the request).

The service is not available for students, who have a similar service with the domain All information about this service is available.

For personal emails
Activation of the institutional email account for employees and collaborators can be done independently by accessing the dedicated page, using broadband credentials.

For other types of emails
Activation of an office/service mailbox or for other reasons can be requested by connecting to the dedicated page, exclusively by:

  • Managers and office heads of the administration.
  • Directors and administrative managers of departments.
  • Technical representatives of departments and faculty.

It will be necessary to provide:

  • Mailbox name.
  • Contact person for the mailbox, who will receive the PIN for access.
  • Service for which the mailbox is requested or the reason.
  • Type and any expiration date

Basic instructions

It is important to note that the simple act of sending an ordinary email, regardless of its subject, content, and any attachments, may involve the processing of personal data, as the recipient's email address can be classified as personally identifiable information.

Therefore, sending an email with multiple addresses in carbon copy (CC) requires careful consideration to avoid a violation of personal data (data breach) in terms of privacy.

The Italian Data Protection Authority has previously intervened by declaring the processing carried out by a Public Administration through the sending of an email to email addresses in clear text belonging to families as illicit. Including multiple addresses in the CC field as recipients of the email automatically means that each recipient will become aware of the address of all others. If some or all of them are also private email addresses not, each recipient will also become aware of the private addresses of the other recipients.

Below is the note from the Director General on the correct sending of emails to multiple recipients.