Application development

Analysis, design, and development of applications

The service is responsible for developing applications in support of the services provided by the University, particularly the Central Administration, in the areas of administrative management, human resources, teaching, and research.

Its approach is focused on optimizing and automating processes and innovating services through software dedicated to the computerization and dematerialization of processes, shifting them to the web. Therefore, it identifies possible solutions to the needs suggested or expressed by requesting offices and, following a feasibility study, designs and produces the necessary applications, ensuring they are attentive and up-to-date with new technologies.

In detail, the service:

  • Analyzes and defines technical and functional specifications.
  • Defines development methodologies and application architecture.
  • Creates prototypes.
  • Proceeds with validation, development of test instances, and deployment.
  • Ensures the management, routine maintenance, and evolutionary maintenance of procedures.

Online services support

The service provides support for technical issues that may arise during the use of university online services.