The university network and its services

The networking service is responsible for planning and managing the wired and wireless network of the University. It assigns network addresses and domains to University departments and centers, coordinating their operations. The service is accountable for the GARR networks covering the University and the domain.

In detail, the service:

  • Makes architectural and technological decisions for the University network.
  • Installs, configures, and manages network devices and infrastructure.
  • Manages internet connectivity and relationships with GARR.
  • Controls access to the University network.
  • Manages firewall rules for the University network.
  • Designs, implements, and manages geographic, metropolitan, and local connectivity (WAN, MAN, LAN).
  • Ensures continuity of services.
  • Manages the operating systems of University servers.
  • Manages University database systems.
  • Manages the domain name system (DNS).
  • Manages the email system.
  • Manages the centralized antivirus and antispam system.
  • Provides systems support for e-learning systems.
  • Manages the data warehouse system for internal applications.
  • Provides systems support for U-Gov and Essetre systems.
  • Provides systems support for protocol, attendance stamping, and asset systems.
  • Supports the information systems of telephone charges, the University Library System Catalog, and the UnissResearch Archive.
  • Manages user web space systems.
  • Manages digital signatures for minutes and exams.

Access rules to the GARR network

Version approved by the GARR Board of Directors on July 28, 2014