Microsoft Office 365 suite and Teams platform

The University of Sassari, with the aim of advancing the tools available to the institution, enhancing operational efficiency, and facilitating collaboration in teaching, research, and administration, has joined the agreement for access to the Education Transformation Agreement. This agreement was established between CRUI and Microsoft under the Microsoft Partners in Learning program. As a result, an integrated software platform is now available to all university staff. In addition to the usual office automation tools, continuously updated, the platform includes instant messaging, video conferencing for up to 250 participants, content publishing and sharing, and powerful tools for remote collaboration.

This solution, widely used in large international enterprises, provides the opportunity to develop essential skills for effective operation in a continually evolving context.

The agreement, strongly supported by the university leadership, will also expand services offered to students and employees. The terms of the agreement allow them to benefit from important Microsoft tools and licenses free of charge. Every student and staff member, including faculty and administrative-technical personnel at the University of Sassari, will have access to 5 free licenses of Microsoft Office.

In particular, according to an IDC study (May 2016), proficiency in Microsoft Office is crucial in job searches. Microsoft Office proficiency is the third most important requirement for entering professions with higher earning potential and growth. Therefore, this represents an additional investment by the University of Sassari to ensure its students can enter the workforce with greater opportunities for success.

Office 365 PRO PLUS is provided free of charge, including the latest versions of Microsoft software and services in the cloud.

How to obtain the desktop version of Office 365 applications

Follow these steps:

  • Access the Office 365 website.
  • Log in with your UNISS credentials (select business account if prompted).

Credentials usage:

  • Students: Visit and log in using the "Sign in" button.
    • Username: Your institutional email address ending with
    • Password: The password used to access Self Studenti. (Note: If access is not granted with these credentials, go to Self Studenti, change the password, and repeat authentication after about 30 minutes to allow system synchronization).
  • Faculty, administrative, technical, and library staff: Visit and log in using the "Sign in" button.
    • Username: Your institutional email address ending with
    • Password: The password used to access the university network.

To perform a validity test of your credentials, you can visit the page for managing your account.

Once logged into the portal, go to Settings > Office 365 Settings, click on Software, then select Language and Version (32-bit recommended), and start the installation of the latest version of Office. For any doubts, it is recommended to read the guide.

When a student ends their academic career, or staff members conclude their legal relationship with the University, the right to use this option and the associated storage space ceases.