Good Practice Project

Progetto Good Practice

The Good Practice (GP) project was established in 1999 with the following objectives:

1. Measure the performance of administrative support services in universities.
2. Provide performance benchmarking among participating universities.
3. Identify and share best practices in the management of administrative services.

Now in its 19th edition (GP2022/23), the project involves 45 state universities, 6 non-state universities, and 5 high schools. It compares the performance of universities along two axes: efficiency and effectiveness.

Efficiency analysis is conducted by measuring the total and unit cost incurred by the university for various services. The analysis of "perceived" effectiveness by users of each service is carried out through periodic customer satisfaction surveys targeting students, faculty, researchers, fellows, doctoral candidates, and administrative staff.

Customer satisfaction surveys within the "Good Practice" project involve the completion of an entirely anonymous questionnaire. Respondents are redirected to the questionnaire through a link, hosted on an external server managed by Politecnico di Milano.

University Services Quality Assessment Questionnaire (Anonymous)

The University of Sassari, as part of the Good Practice Project, conducts a survey to assess students' satisfaction with university services. The aim is continuous improvement of the services provided through the administration of a brief questionnaire in a completely anonymous form.