Board of Directors

The Board of Directors has functions of strategic guidance, approval of the annual and three-year financial planning, personnel, as well as oversight of the financial sustainability of activities.

The Board also resolves, with the prior opinion of the Academic Senate, on the activation or discontinuation of courses and locations. It adopts the administration and accounting regulations; upon the proposal of the Chancellor, with the prior opinion of the Academic Senate for aspects within its competence, it approves the annual three-year budget, the financial statements, and the three-year planning document.



  • Gavino Mariotti


  • Andrea Fausto Piana

General Director

  • Giovanni Maria Soro

External Members not holding roles within the University

  • Francesco Nieddu
  • Valentina Pinna

University Faculty Members

  • Carla Bassu
  • Corrado Dimauro
  • Francesco Morandi
  • Pietro Pirina

Student Representatives

  • Marco Frau
  • Marta Masala

Representative of Technical-Administrative Staff

  • Vivaldo Urtis