Academic Senate

Senato Accademico

The Academic Senate is a body for consultation, coordination, planning, and regulation.

The Senate formulates proposals and provides mandatory opinions on matters related to teaching, research, and student services, including reference to the University's three-year planning document, as well as the activation, modification, or discontinuation of courses, locations, departments, or other university structures.


Department Directors

  • Giuseppina Giuliana Carboni
  • Lucia Cardone
  • Enrico De Santis 
  • Franca Deriu
  • Ignazio Floris
  • Michele Comenale Pinto
  • Angela Spanu
  • Pier Giorgio Ignazio Spanu
  • Emilio Turco
  • Maria Antonietta Zoroddu

Representatives of Full/Associate/Assistant Professors

  • Lucia Cardone
  • Luciano Gutierrez
  • Giovanni Lupinu
  • Franca Maria Mele
  • Sandra Piras
  • Margherita Solci

Representatives of Technical-Administrative Staff

  • Alessandra Marzano
  • Pier Luigi Sechi

Student Representatives

  • Giovanna Deiana (Representative of specialized and doctoral students)
  • Marco Luppu (President of the Student Council)
  • Francesco Fumu
  • Gabriella Piga