Insurance Policies

Communication of UnipolSai Student Insurance Policy Details 2018/2023

This is an excerpt of the insurance policies valid expiring on 30/06/2023.

Third party liability policy no. 160747989 UNIPOLSAI

General Conditions of Insurance

The company is required to indemnify the Insurant for the amount that the latter is required to pay, as civilly liable pursuant to law, as compensation (capital, interest, and expenses) for damages involuntarily caused to third parties, for death, personal injury and damage to property, as a consequence of an event that occurred in relation to the activity carried out.

The insurance cover is also valid for civil liability arising to the Insured Person from the wilful act of persons for whom the Insured Person is responsible.

Maximum coverage: € 10,000,000.00 per claim; € 5,000,000.00 for each injured person.

Accident policy no. 160747729 UNIPOLSAI


  • Students enrolled in undergraduate and postgraduate courses
  • Students hosted in the framework of international agreements or programmes
  • Pre-enrolled students coming from other universities or not yet formally enrolled
  • Students enrolled at the University of Sassari staying abroad in the framework of mobility programmes or international agreements
  • Incoming foreign students participating in Erasmus+ or other mobility programmes or international agreements
  • Students enrolled in double degree programmes or joint degrees
  • Student collaborators (e.g., “150 ore” support scheme)
  • Undergraduates and graduates undertaking traineeships and/or internships
  • Post-graduate students (e.g., PhDs)

These categories are covered for travel risks, as well as while commuting via any means of transport.

Cover is provided for the following per capita amounts:

  • Death € 200,000.00
  • Permanent disability € 200,000.00
  • Reimbursement of medical expenses € 10,000.00
  • Medical transport costs € 3,000.00
  • Expenses to return the body to the place of burial € 5,000.00

Territorial scope

The insurance is provided worldwide. In any case, payment of the premium and any indemnities will be made in Italy in EUR.

General and Special Conditions of the Accident Policy

The insurance is valid for accidents that the members of the categories insured by the Policyholder suffer in the exercise of the institutional activities organised and declared by the organisation, including occupational risk, any risk during travel and missions carried out using any means of locomotion.

The following are also included:

  • Asphyxia, with the exception of cases of pathological origin
  • Acute poisoning of traumatic origin, including the ingestion or absorption of substances
  • Contact with corrosive substances
  • Illnesses resulting from animal bites or insect or spider stings, excluding anthrax, malaria, and tropical diseases
  • Drowning
  • Frostbite or exposure to the cold
  • Electrocution
  • Sunstroke or heat stroke
  • Traumatic hernias and injuries (excluding heart attacks) caused by muscular strain of a traumatic nature
  • Accidents resulting from civil commotion, aggression and violence, acts of terrorism, vandalism, attacks, provided that the insured person does not actively participate in them
  • Accidents resulting from malice and unconsciousness
  • Accidents resulting from inexperience, recklessness and negligence, including gross negligence
  • Accidents resulting from the use or driving of mopeds, motorbikes of any cylinder capacity, and bicycles, tractors and self-propelled agricultural machinery, motor vehicles and watercraft, provided that the insured party is in possession of a regular driving licence, if required
  • Accidents sustained as a consequence of natural disasters constituted by earthquakes, tidal waves, volcanic eruptions, floods, inundations, and related phenomena
  • Accidents sustained in the course of participation in mobilisations or voluntary participation in civil defence service
  • Accidents caused by thermal and atmospheric events
  • Accidents caused by alcohol abuse, with the exclusion of those suffered while driving vehicles and/or boats in general
  • The use and possession of natural or artificial radioactive substances for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes


Unless specifically agreed otherwise, the insurance does not cover:

  • Injuries arising from participation in football and cycling races and competitions (and trials thereof), unless they are of a recreational nature, participation in races and competitions (and trials thereof) involving the use or driving of motor vehicles and watercraft, unless regularly used
  • Accidents resulting directly and indirectly from transmutation of the nucleus of an atom and from radiation caused artificially by the acceleration of atomic particles and exposure to ionising radiation
  • Accidents resulting from the abuse of psychotropic drugs or the non-therapeutic use of narcotics or hallucinogenic substances
  • Accidents occurring while participating in reckless endeavours, except, in the latter case, if they are acts performed out of human solidarity or in self-defence
  • The consequences of surgical operations and medical examinations and treatment not necessitated by accident
  • Accidents due to nuclear, biological, and chemical contamination caused by acts of terrorism


If the accident results in the death of an Insured Person and this occurs within two years of the day on which the accident occurred, the Company shall pay the beneficiaries the amounts insured in the event of death. Unless otherwise designated by the Insurant, beneficiaries are understood to be the testamentary or legitimate heirs. If the insurance has been stipulated in accordance with the National Workers Acts (C.C.N.L.) applicable to the Insurant, the amount insured in the event of death shall be paid to the persons to whom it is compulsorily due by virtue of the aforementioned C.C.N.L., and only in the absence of such persons shall the provisions of the two paragraphs of this article apply. The declaration by the competent authorities that the insured party is missing and the case of presumed death shall be treated as the case of death pursuant to Art. 60 subsection 3 of the Italian Civil Code.