University Identity

Tazza bianca su fogli rossi con sigillo storico di ateneo Uniss

The visual identity is a coordinated and coherent system to represent a unified identity and enhance its visibility and recognizability.

The Visual Identity Manual of the University of Sassari is, therefore, a programmatic document and a tool that gathers and provides operational indications on the use of the seal, logo, logotype (seal + text), and the basic constitutive and distinctive elements of the University for a correct representation of the entire visual identity system.

The current project for the renewal of the Manual, approved by the Academic Senate (Repertoire no. 42/2023 Prot no. 40287 of 18/04/2023) and the Board of Directors (Repertoire no. 70/2023 Prot no. 40576 of 19/04/2023), promotes a coordinated, coherent, homogeneous, and recognizable image of UniSS, efficiently applying each constitutive element across all communication channels used.