International Relations

International relations play a crucial role in higher education in the contemporary global context. This activity not only enriches students' academic experience, but also contributes significantly to improving the overall quality of the institution and its policies.

The promotion of international relations is essential to provide students with opportunities to enrich their cultural backgrounds and gain a global perspective. Through scientific collaboration programmes, development cooperation, and opportunities for study and traineeship abroad, students can develop intercultural competencies and open to new perspectives, preparing themselves to face global challenges.

Participation in international projects fosters knowledge sharing, and joining networks contributes to institutional growth.

This section contains a description of the Strategy for Internationalization of the University of Sassari, the list of international agreements and the networks of which UNISS is a member, and the role played by the Rectoral Delegates for International Relations, as well as the and members of the University Committee for International Mobility, part of the so-called International Mobility System.