CRUI - Microsoft Agreement

In its commitment to enhance the tools available to the University, streamline operations, and facilitate collaboration in teaching, research, and administration, the University of Sassari has joined the agreement for access to the Education Transformation Agreement. This agreement was established between CRUI and Microsoft under the Microsoft Partners in Learning initiative.

Effective immediately, students and staff can access Office 365 PRO PLUS at no cost. This includes the latest versions of Microsoft software and cloud services.

How to Obtain

Procedure for Access:

  1. Visit the Office 365 Website:
    • Access the Office 365 website.
    • Log in using your UNISS credentials. If prompted, select the business account option.
  2. Credential Usage:
    • For Students:
      • Go to and log in using the "Sign In" button.
      • Username: Your institutional email address ending in
      • Password: Use the password for Self Studenti. (Note: If access is denied with these credentials, log in to Self Studenti and change the password).
    • For Teaching, Technical, Administrative, and Library Staff:
      • Visit and log in using the "Sign In" button.
      • Username: Your broadband username, followed by (Note: this may differ from the institutional email address).
      • Password: Use the broadband password for accessing the University network or payroll statements.
  3. Installation:
    • Once logged in, click the "Install Office" button located at the top right of the portal.
    • Refer to the guide for any uncertainties.

Upon termination of a student's academic career or the cessation of the contractual relationship for staff with the University, the right to use this option and the associated storage space also ceases.