Facilities and services

It's useful to know that

  • Students can request financial assistance for the payment of study support services. For the request, see the attached form.
  • Students with disabilities or those with illnesses that result in an equal or greater than 66% disability are exempt from paying tuition fees and enrollment contributions, regardless of their income bracket. These students only need to pay a stamp duty of €16.00.
  • Students with disabilities can benefit from tax breaks.
  • Students with disabilities can request the purchase of computer equipment and other types of aids (recorders, special desks, etc.) that are specifically useful by applying to the Magnificent Rector. Requests can be addressed to Professor Giovanni Pruneddu (gpruneddu@uniss.it), president of the Commission for Students with Disabilities and Specific Learning Disorders. Such equipment is purchased by the University, which fully covers the expenses, and assigned for the entire duration of the studies.
  • Ersu has arranged some specifically equipped accommodations for students with disabilities, at the Student House in via P. Manzella, via Verona, via M. Coppino, and via La Marmora. Information regarding this matter can be requested directly from ERSU (079 9940002 - dirstudio@ersusassari.it).
  • Students with disabilities can ask the secretariats of their faculties, after informing them of their disability status (it is however advisable to always have a copy of the disability certificate), not to wait in line at the counters. The staff should handle their practices with priority.
  • The university library system,as part of the "Accessible Library" project, has activated some specific services for users with disabilities and specific learning disorders.
  • It is provided that students with disabilities request, in accordance with current laws, an exam in forms and places suitable for them. Attached is a form for the request to be sent, well in advance, to the Department Directors.

The Disability Commission needs to know the specific needs of each disabled student in order to prepare the necessary services and aids. For this purpose, the C section has been introduced in the enrollment form, in which students are invited to declare the type of disability (visual, hearing, mobility) and the percentage of disability.

There is a counseling service available to students at our university, including those with disabilities, which serves the following purposes:

  • Assisting in choosing the faculty and navigating the university path
  • Facilitating integration into the university and recovering any delays in the university journey
  • Assisting with exams and thesis writing
  • Providing advice on what to do after graduation

For any further requests, you can write to the Magnificent Rector (rettore@uniss.it).