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The Commission for Students with Disabilities and Specific Learning Disorders supports all initiatives aimed at helping disabled individuals and those with specific learning disorders throughout their university studies.

The Commission works to:

  • Promote the reception and integration of students with certified disabilities.
  • Support the right to education for disabled students by providing necessary services and aids to overcome barriers imposed by various types of disabilities.
  • Publicize the availability of services and aids to ensure effective accessibility and access by interested parties.
  • Contribute to improving the accessibility of premises and places of study and life (classrooms, libraries, residences, cafeterias, laboratories, recreational and sports centers).
  • Personalize the service offered by the University by adapting exam schedules and evaluation methods upon request of the interested parties. These measures for individualizing learning are expressly requested by Law 104 of 1992, which provides assistance, social integration, and rights for disabled persons.
  • Promote awareness-raising actions within academic structures: meetings with professors, students, and technical-administrative staff.
  •  Promote awareness-raising actions outside of university structures, through initiatives such as study awards for the best works on disability issues, intended for high school students; conferences on specific topics; organization of the World Disability Day.


Giovanni Pruneddu |+39 079228933
Delegato del Rettore alla “Disabilità e Disturbi Specifici dell’Apprendimento”

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