Student Orientation at UNISS

The Student Orientation Service, managed by student advisors (tutors with 400 hours of training), is designed for both prospective and current students. It provides informational and support services, operated by the Student Orientation and Services Office at Via Arborea 40 (corner of Via Torre Tonda). It offers a welcoming space and assistance for university pathways, particularly in practical support, guidance, and useful information at the University of Sassari.

The service

You can contact the service if you have difficulties:

- with enrollment procedures, payments, renewal of enrollment, graduation application, and other administrative procedures related to student career management;
- in using the telematic platforms of UniSS services (Self.studenti, e-learning platform, MyUniss app, and Uniss.Orario; Office 365 package);
- in finding information about the contacts of the referents to whom you can turn for specific needs.

The service is available for both in-person support, at the Office of Orientation and Student Services in via Arborea 40 (corner of via Torre Tonda) where some computer stations are also available, and for telephone support and via Skype or Teams, during the hours indicated below.

Our Staff

The staff of the Office of Orientation and Student Services consists of personnel from the University of Sassari, capable of providing comprehensive answers to students, from those in secondary schools who wish to enroll in courses offered by the University, to all enrolled students who require assistance and support during their educational journey.

The various figures within the staff, each with their specific background of experiences and expertise, work together to offer an effective and timely service to the entire student body, coordinating and continuously interacting with other areas of the University and, naturally, with the Departments.

Who we are


Vanna Meloni 
Tel. 079 228864

Our Staff

Roberta Lodde
Tel. 079 229947
Incoming orientation contact

 Fiorella Tilloca
Telefono: 079 22 9920
School-University relations contact 

 Anna Mastino 
Tel. 079 229926
Management of administrative and accounting practices

Lucio Dettori
Tel. 079228884
Management of administrative collaboration with students

 Pietro Dettori 
Tel. 079229964
Referent for disabled students and students with Specific Learning Disabilities (SLD)

 Giampaolo Demontis 
Tel. 079229809
Student Services Management

Who collaborates with us

The Office of Orientation and Student Services also relies on the assistance of external collaborators, who complement the functions performed by the Staff, often serving as the first point of contact for students, especially regarding new enrollees.

Student orientation tutors

Student orientation tutors are students selected through a public announcement. They provide initial assistance to prospective and enrolled students. They operate under the Office of Orientation and Student Services, located at via Arborea 40 (corner of via Torre Tonda). This service offers a welcoming and supportive space for anyone needing guidance and practical assistance, as well as useful information at the University of Sassari.

The tutors

The tutors are a team of young graduates with experience in university orientation. They manage a service by appointment with the aim of supporting prospective students in choosing the most suitable university study path based on their inclinations. If the student has already chosen where to enroll, they offer targeted insights and all the details regarding access, planned disciplines, and other aspects of the chosen course.