Visa and residence permit

Students coming from a non-EU country, staying for more than 90 days, must apply for a Visa and, once arrived in Italy, for a residence permit within 8 days from their arrival.


Questions to find out if you need a visa for Italy

On the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs website you can check:

  • whether you need a visa or not
  • types of VISA and where to apply
  • detailed information on the visa issue procedure

Make sure to gather information from the local embassy or consulate nearest to you in your home country

RESIDENCE PERMIT PROCEDURES  (application to be submitted within 8 days from the arrival in Italy)

Students have to go to "Poste Italiane", take the number to the queue "Sportello Amico" and ask the officer for the "Yellow kit" .


In the envelope of the yellow kit  you have to put inside:

  1. Modulo 1 duly filled in 
  2. A revenue stamp (marca da bollo of 16 Euro- you can buy it  in the "Tabacchi" shop). Attach it in the space of the first page in the Modulo 1.
  3. Photocopy of ALL pages of your passport (blank pages included)
  4. The letter of invitation from the University of Sassari declaring the length of your study/traineeship period.
  5. Photocopy of your health insurance
  6. The payment slip of Eur 30,46 filled out  + Euro 30 for the application.
  7. The payment slip of Euro 40,00  if you stay from 3 months to 12 months (It depends on the length and reason for your stay, the post officer will let you know during the application).
  8. The contract of the accommodation.
  9. Fiscal code

STEP 2: 

Go to the "Poste Italiane" and take the number to speak with the officer of "Sportello Amico" and apply for the residence permit with the yellow envelope filled in and copies of all the documents required inside of the envelope. 

STEP 3: Send to the copy of the receipt and the appointment date.


On the day of the appointment in Questura, remember to bring with you:

  • Passport
  • All the original documents whose copies were included in the application form
  • 5 passport size photographs
  • The payment receipt slips 
  • The appointment letter and the application receipt you got at the post office.
  • Fiscal code (the physical card or the document that the Italian Consulate/Embassy or Agenzia delle Entrate gave to you).

For assistance or further information contact Elisabetta Pirastu,