Call for Erasmus grants for Traineeship 2024/25

Programme Description and Objectives

The Erasmus Traineeship (SMT) programme allows students to undertake a traineeship abroad in companies, institutions, training and research centres, in order to carry out full-time practical work, recognised by the home university as an integral part of the student's study programme.  The trainee will have the opportunity to acquire new skills and competences, to experience and understand the culture of the host country and to improve and develop his/her language skills.

The programme includes several measures aimed at making the opportunities offered more flexible and accessible, such as:

  • Short-term physical mobility for doctoral students
  • Blended mobility (mobility involving a part of activity abroad and a part of activity in virtual mode)
  • Grants for green travels 
  • Additional grants for students with fewer opportunities
  • Mobility in third countries not associated with the Programme

Application deadlines

Applications for an Erasmus Traineeship grant may be submitted in one of the following periods: 

  • 23 April - 10 June 2024 
  • 11 September - 21 October 2024 
  • 13 January - 24 February 2025

Traineeships must be carried out by 31 July 2025.

Search for a traineeship position

Language assessment test at the University Language Center (CLA)

The language assessment tests will be held in the Aula Informatica of the CLA, via Zanfarino 62, on 13 and 14 June 2024. To access the tests, students have to register online, through the website, from 14 May till 11 June 2024.

An online session is scheduled on 13 June 2024, at 10 a.m. This session is restricted to:

  • students who are abroad on international mobility; 
  • students who, for proven and serious reasons, are unable to take the tests in person 
  • students who attend the courses in Alghero, Nuoro, Olbia and/or Oristano:

To register for the online session, students must send an email to The registration through the procedure is not required. 

Official Documentation

Further information about the programme

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