CeSAR - University Research Services Center


The University Research Services Center - CeSAR - is a unique university center in the fields of experimental sciences, biomedicine, and humanities. It aims to optimize scientific productivity and resources, promote and verify the effective, efficient, and intensive use of equipment, and enable real audit practices.

Its objectives are:

- Providing services and consultations, using high technology, to researchers at the University of Sassari for the conduct of their institutional research and teaching activities, to public bodies and private companies upon request, in compliance with the regulations provided by this Regulation.
- Contributing, together with other entities in the territory, to the creation of a regional research and service network.
- Strengthening the University's driving role both culturally and in technology transfer.
- Promoting cutting-edge research activities, both fundamental and applied, by providing tools, scientific equipment, and new technologies, as well as providing new tools and resources for the implementation of international scientific projects.
- Disseminating updated knowledge necessary for the use of scientific equipment and the dissemination of new technologies in the regional research fabric.
- Making innovative equipment, of high complexity and multidisciplinary interest, available to optimize their use, maintenance, and management costs.
- Encouraging the sharing of "complex" equipment and the integration and synergies of the University's Departments.

CeSAR-SS, at its initial activation, consists of the CeSAR-SS Laboratory, located at Via Vienna 2, Sassari, and realized with the contributions of regional research funding (L.R.7/2007 and P.O.R. 2007/13), and laboratories located in various Departments of the University of Sassari, which host equipment acquired through regional funding for "Major Equipment." CeSAR-SS is open to the membership of departments, teaching and non-teaching staff of the University of Sassari, as well as staff from other Universities and other external personnel/entities interested in using the services of the Center.