The Ph.D. School

The PhD is a third-level course of study lasting no less than three years.

The doctoral programme provides training activities that include basic and advanced disciplinary and interdisciplinary training, specific training dedicated to research management, knowledge of European and international systems, and the valorisation of research and intellectual property.

The Ph.D. School of the University of Sassari, established by the University in 2018, has the goal to promote, organize, manage, and support the activities of all the Ph.D. programmes of the University and of those developed in Consortium with other universities.

The Ph.D. School:

  • includes 10 different  Ph.D. Programmes, which cover many disciplinary areas
  • offers a centralized administrative support to incoming students, ongoing and former Ph.D. students, and professors involved in the PhD. Programmes
  • organizes common P.h.D. courses and formative events and supports the Ph.D. Programmes in their specific teaching and educational activity
  • favours the interaction among different disciplinary areas, stimulates cultural exchanges and the creation of a stimulating and creative working and research environment
  • favors and promotes international exchanges of student and staff and supports incoming foreign students
  • promotes the interactions and exchanges  with companies and the whole productions system; favors the employment of his Ph.D. students in private and public companies and institutions.

Rules on formative activities

In order to complete the PhD, doctoral students must earn 180 CFR (Research Training Credits) over the three years of the PhD programme.

Credits are awarded following:

  • Project work
    • Activity on the research project and writing of the thesis
  • Individual study
  • Teaching activities of the Courses and the PhD School
    • Attendance must be at least 70% of the hours for PhD students with a doctoral grant and 30% for those without a grant. 
    • Attendance must be recorded by the lecturer.
    • Attendance entitles the PhD student to sit the examination, where applicable. A positive evaluation is equivalent to the achievement of the corresponding CFRs.
  • Other activities
    • Participation in seminars, conferences, courses, etc. chosen by the PhD student
    • Tutoring activities in support of internships and research for three-year and master students
    • Supplementary teaching activities, which may be carried out for a maximum of 40 hours per year.

From the XXXV cycle onwards, knowledge of English at a level of at least B2 is compulsory for admission to the final examination.

All details regarding the acquisition of Research Training Credits and other useful information can be found in the "Documents" section at the bottom of the page.

Useful information for PhD students

  • the PhD School is at your disposal to provide you with information, documents, certifications concerning the PhD: you can find everything here on the website, by exploring the different sections in the menu on the right, or you can contact the staff by e-mail at any time;
  • the School will also inform you, via e-mail, of the educational activities planned by the Doctoral Courses (the calendar of activities can be found on our site and on the Web Agenda), study and work opportunities and other news potentially of interest to you;
  • much information and news can also be found on the School's official Facebook page;
  • you can download the MyUniss app, with which you will always have the same Selfstudenti's utilities at your disposal as well as the virtual badge. After downloading the app you can request activation of the badge by email;
  • you can activate the "Bpercard Uniss" prepaid card free of charge and without management fees by contacting your nearest Banco di Sardegna branch;
  • Ersu Sassari provides PhD students with various services and facilities, from accommodation to canteens, from transport to health care.