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Connect to your Future with our 2023/2024 Study Programmes

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Step into academic excellence, where tradition meets innovation to shape the future. The University of Sassari is delighted to present its course catalogue for the Academic Year 2023/2024, designed to inspire, challenge, and train students to enhance their knowledge and pursue their success.

Interdisciplinary Programmes: UNISS offers a range of Programmes which help students develop a comprehensive global perspective and acquire a set of cross-disciplinary skills which is essential for professional success.

Technology Enhancing Learning: Our university is committed to integrating technology into every aspect of learning: interactive virtual classrooms, digital labs, and online resources enrich the learning experience, preparing students to thrive in this increasingly digital world.

International Study Opportunities: UNISS fosters personal and academic growth through international mobility programmes. Students have the opportunity to enrich their academic journey through cultural exchanges, international traineeships, and partnerships with globally renowned institutions.

Student Support: Our commitment to students goes beyond the classroom, since we provide tailored support services, guidance, and opportunities for personal development to ensure that each and every student can reach their full potential.

Join us and shape your Future. Choose the University of Sassari:

61 degree programmes (37 open admission programmes and 24 selective programmes (admission test required), including 34 Bachelor's Programmes, 5 Master's Programmes (5/6 years), 22 Master's Programmes, of which 7 are international programmes and 2 are held in English.


Some locally restricted-access degree programs may require taking the TOLC as part of the admission process. Other open-access degree programs may require taking the TOLC to assess any initial knowledge gaps.