Admission Tests for Study Programs

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According to current university regulations, universities are required to define and verify competencies for access by all students, for any undergraduate, graduate, or single-cycle master's degree program offered in Italy.

Based on choices made by the Ministry and universities, within the scope permitted by their autonomy, access to courses is divided into two main categories.

Courses with programmed access

The courses with programmed access are those in which enrollment is possible only after passing a selection process. The number of available seats is limited and is indicated in the admission notice.

CISIA Services

On this page, you will find information regarding all the services provided by the Interuniversity Consortium Integrated Systems for Access (CISIA), both for nationally and locally programmed courses offered by the University of Sassari.

CISIA, in collaboration with university locations, organizes tests for the assessment of initial knowledge and/or selection for access to degree courses in various scientific disciplines: medicine and veterinary medicine, engineering, economics, sciences, pharmacy, humanities, and agriculture.

Courses with open access

All other study programs that are not subject to a restricted access are considered open access, but as article 6 of the Ministerial Decree no. 270 of October 22, 2004 states, "the didactic regulations define the knowledge required for access and determine the methods of verification, also at the end of preliminary training activities, eventually carried out in collaboration with secondary education institutions. If the verification is not positive, specific additional training obligations to be fulfilled in the first year of the course are indicated. These additional training obligations are also assigned to students of courses with restricted access who have been admitted to the courses with a score lower than a predetermined minimum score."

Each study program chooses the most suitable method to assess incoming competencies and assign any additional training obligations (OFA). Since the outcome of the test does not preclude the possibility of access, enrollment can also be carried out before the test.

Master's degree programs, which can only be accessed after obtaining a bachelor's degree, have the option to choose the access requirements necessary for admission. In the absence of these requirements, students will not be able to enroll in the course.

For information on bachelor's degree programs, single-cycle master's degree programs, and open access master's degree programs, please contact the Didactics contacts of the departments