Studenti diversità
11 April 2024

The call for internships at Italian Schools Abroad is now online.

spanedda assessore
9 April 2024

Appointed Councilor for Local Authorities and Urban Planning

Studenti laureati in gruppo con il tocco in testa
9 April 2024

The University allocates €120,000 to the top students with the aim of recognizing academic excellence.

Studenti seduti all'aperto che consultano appunti
5 April 2024

Lists can be submitted by April 17, 2024.

Farmaci e genere
5 April 2024

A research study conducted by the University of Sassari on the relationship between medical devices and genderUna ricerca dell’Università di Sassari sulla relazione tra dispositivi medici e genere

Sale for Vultures
30 March 2024

Another 21 young griffons from Spain landed in Porto Torres

28 March 2024

New methods for paying the regional fee for the right to study (ERSU).

Nelle sedi Uniss arrivano i distributori di acqua potabile
27 March 2024

Installation has begun on some university sites

26 March 2024

Additional regional scholarships payment

Firma del terzo protocollo d'intesa PUP Uniss
26 March 2024

The third memorandum of understanding signed: new partnership, more services

logo Erasmus+
25 March 2024

For a total of 245 beneficiaries, based on the actual duration of mobility certified by the host institutions.

Studenti in un'aula di Dipartimento che partecipano a una presentazione dei corsi di Orientamento
25 March 2024

The extension, including the regional fee for the right to education, is set for May 5, 2024.