Immagine XXIII Congresso SIO_Orientamento
18 June 2024

Orientation, rights, peace, justice, environment

pulina nappini
17 June 2024

Remote debate between Prof. Giuseppe Pulina and Barbara Nappini

team clinica otorino
14 June 2024

The Sassari Institute is among the excellences, in 24th place

Festival Donna di Scienza 2024
12 June 2024

Applications must be received by 1pm on 15 July

Locandina festa dello sport universitario 2024
12 June 2024

Thursday 13 June in the fields of San Giovanni

asp direttivo
11 June 2024

The Association of Political Science, Awareness and Education

sara pau
7 June 2024

Premature death of the Disea researcher

radio uniss
6 June 2024

Thanks to the daily commitment of 30 boys and girls

Universitari in piazza 2024
5 June 2024

XV edition of the event organized by student associations

Giulio Marzeddu del CUS Sassari
4 June 2024

Excellent performance for 2023 confirmed

Persone sedute a un tavolo che disegnano su dei block notes
31 May 2024

It is among the initiatives financed by 5x1000