University's Quality Assurance System

Evaluation Core

Within the AVA system, the Evaluation Core (NdV) plays a crucial role in evaluating the QA policies of the university, verifying the formal and substantive implementation of the structures and procedures outlined by the system.

Joint Committees of Faculty and Students

The Autonomy Statute establishes that at each Department and the Coordination Structure, a Joint Committee of Faculty and Students (CPDS) is instituted, with the following functions:

a) Monitor the educational offerings and the quality of teaching, as well as the service activities provided to students by faculty, conducting evaluations, checks, and statistical surveys on various aspects of the activities.

b) Identify criteria for assessing the results of teaching and service activities to students, monitor teaching activities, and propose initiatives to improve the organization of teaching to the Department Council.

c) Provide opinions to the Department Council on the activation and suppression of study programs, the revision of educational regulations, and the regulations of individual study programs, as well as on the actual coherence between the credits assigned to various educational activities and the specific educational objectives planned.

The CPDS also has the task of annually preparing a detailed report for the Degree Courses, considering the entirety of the educational offerings, with a specific focus on the results of student opinion surveys, indicating any specific problems to individual Degree Courses. The Joint Committee serves for two years, and its members can be immediately reappointed for only one additional term.

Quality Assurance Representatives for Departments (RAQ)

The University Quality Policies include the appointment of the Quality Assurance Representative within each Department to ensure a connection between the University Quality Office and peripheral structures (Department, Study Programs, Joint Committees of Faculty and Students).

Research and Quality Office

The office supports faculty and departments in developing research projects and ensures the oversight of data and indicators used for the evaluation and self-assessment of the university's scientific output.

In synergy with the Quality Office, it supports the University Quality Assurance System. It collaborates with university structures to consolidate and strengthen the self-assessment, evaluation, and accreditation system and operates in close connection with the university bodies for the overall functioning of the Quality Assurance System.