Inauguration of the 460th Academic Year


Inaugurazione del 460° Anno Accademico

Academic Procession Entrance

National Anthem


  • Maria Elisabetta Alberti Casellati, President of the Senate of the Republic
  • Christian Solinas, President of the Autonomous Region of Sardinia
  • Gavino Mariotti, Rector's Report
  • Riccarda Zappino, President of the Student Council
  • Rosanna Ruiu, Coordinator of the University Legal Department
  • Claudio Spanu, Captain of the DinamoLab Team

Conferment of Honorary Master's Degree

  • Massimo Onofri, Presentation by the Director of the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Vittorio Sgarbi, Laudatio
  • Elio Pulli, Lectio Doctoralis - Art and Challenges Over Time

Solemn Declaration of the Opening of the Academic Year

With the participation of singer Maria Giovanna Cherchi accompanied on the piano by Maestro Maurizio Bizzarro, the "Mialinu Pira" Tenors from Bitti, the University of Sassari Choir directed by Maestro Laura Lambroni, and the address by the Goliardic Association Turritana.

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