Office of the Rector

University Square 21, 1st Floor, Sassari (SS)
079 228821


Emy Battino
079 228821


Salvatore Floris
079 228815

Gabriella Dore
079 229862

Luciano Delogu

Maria Luisa Fresu


  • Manages the secretarial activities and oversees the Rector's agenda for institutional commitments.
  • Assists the Rector in exercising supervisory and directional functions by preparing directives, circulars, and guidelines.
  • Handles the preparation of Rector's decrees for the issuance of regulatory acts.
  • Ensures proper transfer of communications to internal structures.
  • Maintains relationships with delegates, senators, councilors, office managers, and political, social, economic, and cultural organizations in the city.
  • Manages the examination and sorting of incoming and outgoing internal correspondence for the Rector.
  • Handles the administrative and accounting management of the spending center.