Alias Career

The University ensures that students in gender transition can experience a serene study environment, attentive to the protection of privacy and dignity of the individual, where interpersonal relationships are based on correctness, mutual respect for freedoms, and inviolability of the person.

For this reason, the activation of an "alias career" is provided, which consists of assigning a temporary, transitory, and non-consolidatable identity.

Activation of the career:

The activation of the career can be requested by anyone who has started a gender transition process, supported by appropriate administrative and medical-diagnostic documentation.

Those interested in activating the alias career must submit a specific application addressed to the Rector. Subsequently, they will be contacted to sign a "Confidential Agreement" with the University.

What it entails:

Upon activation of the alias career, a new university ID card is issued containing the data of the elective identity, consisting of the legal surname, the chosen name of the applicant, the university registration number, and accompanied by a photograph.

To remember:

  • All certifications issued by the University, upon request of the interested party, exclusively refer to the legal identity.
  • In the event that the final degree is obtained without any court ruling or identity change decree, all career documents, including the issuance of the final degree, will refer to the legal identity and not the alias identity.

In addition, ...

  • All certifications issued by the University exclusively refer to the legal identity and not to the alias identity. 
  • It is necessary to promptly notify the intention to carry out acts within the University that have external relevance (for example: participation in internships, participation in international mobility projects, scholarship requests). In these cases, it will be necessary to verify and agree with the administrative contact the possibility of proceeding with the requests while continuing to use the alias identity.