Courses with regulated enrollment slots

Nationally regulated enrollment slots

Visit the page related to the calls for the 11 courses of study with national programmed access.

Locally regulated enrollment slots

On this page, you will find announcements for locally regulated enrollment courses.

The announcements and access methods are determined by the relevant courses of study and can be divided into:

- Access with evaluation of Cisia Tolc certification
- Access with other types of evaluations (tests, curriculum, interview, etc.) - evaluation methods are specified in the announcements

For more information, please contact the Office of Student Services and Educational Offer or the Teaching Referees of the relevant Departments.

TOLC - Test OnLine Cisia

On this page, you will find information regarding all types of TOLC (Test di Orientamento alla Scelta Universitaria) administered by the University of Sassari, both for nationally regulated enrollment courses and for locally regulated enrollment courses.

Admission to subsequent years after the first

Single courses for degrees with nationally regulated enrollment

Master's degree programs with nationally regulated enrollment, as single-cycle programs, admit a limited number of students to attend individual courses.