NRD - Desertification Research Centre

About NRD

The Desertification Research Centre (Nucleo di Ricerca sulla Desertificazione - NRD) is an Interdepartmental Centre of the University of Sassari officially established in 2000 by Rector's Decree n. 60 (9 June 2000) that promotes multidisciplinary research and studies on desertification and environmental degradation in the Mediterranean region.

NRD started activities in the early '90s as a multidisciplinary research group on the impact of agropastoral activities on land degradation in Mediterranean areas, under the coordination of Prof. Giuseppe Enne, founder and Director of NRD up to February 2008.

It involved researchers and scientists from Departments and Institutes from the Faculty of Agriculture specialised in earth sciences (geology, geomorphology, pedology), hydraulics, hydrology, agronomy, forestry, economy and animal science. 
In the coming years the focus of NRD activities has broadened to sustainable land use issues related to desertification and land degradation.

NRD currently involves 35 researchers from the University of Sassari whose studies and researches focus on physical, biological and socio-economic aspects of desertification, with particular reference to the impact of agricultural policies and agropastoral activities. Its investigations are mainly carried out in the framework of national and international research projects, mostly funded by EU, national government, Autonomous Region of Sardinia and international agencies.

NRD is also committed to cooperation with developing countries and coordinates and participates in networking projects and training activites.