MCDC - Mediterranean Center For Disease Control


In the last decades, intensification of human migration and progressive global climate change have profoundly altered the distribution and risk of epidemic events of animal diseases, zoonoses and human diseases, with potentially significant effects on public health and animal health.

MCDC promotes and coordinates education, interdisciplinary research, and third-mission activities in order to prevent diffusion of pathogens from Countries of the Mediterranean area of Africa and Asia in Europe.

MCDC aims to establish Mediterranean-wide pathogen surveillance programs, and to promote the study of infectious causative agents of disease impacting Veterinary and Public health, zoonosis, endemic animal and human diseases (also non infectious).

MCDC maintains shared facilities, laboratories, and equipment guaranteeing and supporting adequate biosafety levels.

MCDC proposes itself as a reference structure for basic research and the third mission at international level, promoting localization of research groups coming from other institutions, whose research projects include activities such as in vitro and in vivo experimentation on animal models, and companies interested in the development of biomarkers, diagnostic kits and vaccines.

In accordance with the directives proposed by the WHO (World Health Organization), MCDC is also proposed as a reference and guide for Countries wishing to develop and refine procedures to preserve microbiological agents, ensuring their availability for epidemiological, clinical or research purposes.