Orientation: from 21 June SIO national congress at the University of Sassari

Immagine XXIII Congresso SIO_Orientamento


SASSARI. The Department of Humanities and Social Sciences (DUMAS) of the University of Sassari, the Italian Society for Orientation (SIO) and the La.R.I.O.S Laboratory of the University of Padua are organizing the "XXIII SIO National Congress - Dai probable futures to desirable futures: orientation, rights, peace, justice and environment”. The event will take place on Friday 21st from 9.00 am and Saturday 22nd June from 3.00 pm in the main hall of the University, in Piazza Università, and in the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences in via Roma 151. The proceedings will open with institutional greetings from the Rector Gavino Mariotti, Lucia Cardone, Director of the DUMAS Department, the Orientation delegate Paola Rappelli and Angela Quaquero, President of the Order of Psychologists of Sardinia.

A Mediterranean island was chosen for the conference venue as it is ideally a place of meeting and exchange, of travel to places that have crossed natural, social and political borders, but also a place of conflicts and clashes. This metaphor will accompany the entire Congress: our lives and our careers are not islands but plots intertwined and interwoven with those of everyone else. The congress represents an opportunity to stimulate guidance professionals to focus on how their actions can support people in planning their future. In fact, orientation today should move away from asking people "what they will do when they grow up" and focus increasingly on how people would like to transform their life contexts in the future, solving problems and addressing critical issues that transcend the individual dimension alone. Rights, peace, justice and the environment will be the central themes of the Congress.

Training credits are provided for psychologists, social workers from Sardinia and doctoral students from the University of Sassari. Participation in the congress is free for teachers and educators working in Sardinia and for students of the University of Sassari. Furthermore, during the congress, the awards ceremony will be held for the competition announced for schools of all levels "This is the orientation we want!"

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