Office of Disciplinary Proceedings - UPD

Marina Lodde
Tel. 079229829   

Contact Person
Nicoletta Macciocu
Tel. 079229790   

To contact the Disciplinary Procedures Office directly, you can also send an email to:

Service for Collecting Unlawful Conducts and Data Processing

Within the UPD, a dedicated service has been activated for both collecting unlawful conducts reported by the Responsible for the Prevention of Corruption and Transparency and by the Manager/Head of the Structure, and, in accordance with Article 15 of Presidential Decree 62/2013, for collecting unlawful conducts that have been ascertained and sanctioned.

For the aforementioned purposes, this service prepares a specific database for statistical and monitoring activities and for the evaluation of the Responsible for the Prevention of Corruption and Transparency in analyzing the risk related to preventive measures.

The contact person for this service is Dr. Nicoletta Macciocu.

Consultancy and Information

The office is available, by appointment, for technical, administrative, library staff, and linguistic collaborators and experts for consultancy or any information related to the principles and duties outlined in the Code of Ethics and Conduct.

To contact the office, please send an email to: