FAO has recently estimated that we will need 60% more food by 2050, due to the increase of world population and of more production resources as the result of the changing diets of many people. The solution to this request is a higher agricultural production that will help also in reducing fossil fuel dependence. In this context, the use of precision farming will help in increasing the productivity and efficiency of agriculture while saving earth resources.

The Innovative Agriculture Center intends to take up these principles by promoting the innovation, the development and the research of new products and processes in agriculture in collaboration with small, medium and big enterprises.

Activities will meet criteria of Smart Specialization Strategy and Industry 4.0 within a framework of Precision Farming that will respect sustainability, production of healthy foods, bio-diversity maintenance and high quality of agricultural production.

The general objective of the center is the agroindustry development by supporting companies to invest in innovation, organization and rationalization. Specifically, the Center may act as the epicenter of agroindustry in Sardinia and will operate to attract economic and institutional operators of high skills and know-how to be used, through the enhancement of the Center's important assets, for the enhancement of local production and the application of research and innovation.

The Center aims to meet the needs of innovation and research of companies in the agricultural sector, and to help them, using new technologies, to increase productivity and meet a wider demand from a quantitative and qualitative point of view.