The Turritan Goliardic Association has the new Supreme Pontiff

Studente pontefice

The Turritan Goliardic Association has the new Supreme Pontiff: Pantaleone I "Magister Artium." In everyday life, Andrea Lubrano was elected in the Conclave on January 19, 2023, and is enrolled in the second year of the Bachelor's Degree in Design.

Here is the perspective of the new Pontiff:

"For my Pontificate as Pantaleone I 'Magister Artium,' I will proudly carry the banner of creativity, serving as a guide for the Turritan Goliardic Association. It will be an era in which every Goliard is called to paint with the nuances of humor and dance in the abundance of ideas. Through the arts, we aim to forge an unbreakable bond between mind and spirit, revealing the hidden beauty in the chaos of intellectual rebellion within the order of institutional obedience. My magisterium will be the symphony of Goliardic art that challenges, inspires, and celebrates the diversity of creative minds that make up our eclectic Goliardic panorama in Italy."

Among the immediate commitments will be the traditional address at the inauguration of the Academic Year, Carnival, and the bathtub regatta, which, as every year, will take place in Fertilia.