"The sheep sector is the protagonist of a process that can change companies and the Sardinian economy"

Giovanni Filippini, direttore generale IZS

Press release

TRAMATZA. "We have the unique opportunity to build, together with the production and processing companies of the Sardinian sheep sector, a new organizational management and consultancy model, which goes beyond the duration of the PNRR and which allows farms to exploit the potential of the digital revolution". With these words, the general director of the Experimental Zooprophylactic Institute of Sardinia (IZS), Giovanni Filippini, introduced the meeting organized in Tramatza to present the cascade calls aimed at companies in this sector. It has been online on the website since 2 May The Institute receives the notice to participate in the call for the APPàre project, which represents one of the ten chapters of the broader ecosystem "eINS - Ecosystem of Innovation for Next Generation Sardinia", a global program financed by the PNRR in Sardinia to strengthen the link between business and science , mitigate the social impacts generated by the crisis and increase the level of territorial inclusion. APPàre is coordinated by the Experimental Zooprophylactic Institute of Sardinia and includes in the partnership the Universities of Sassari (UNISS) and Cagliari (UNICA), Abinsula and the national inter-university consortium for telecommunications (CNIT).
I lavori sono stati aperti dal presidente del consorzio e.INS, Francesco Milia, che ha sottolineato il valore dell'opportunità offerta dal PNRR, mentre i docenti dell'Università degli Studi di Sassari Giuseppe Pulina e Pier Andrea Serra hanno spiegato il ruolo dei bandi a cascata: si tratta di uno strumento pensato per coinvolgere le imprese sarde nei processi di trasformazione digitale e di promozione della società dell'inclusione sociale, obiettivo finale di Next Generation Eu.

We then went into the merits of the contents of the announcement with the interventions of Ciriaco Ligios (IZS), Fiammetta Berlinguer (UNISS), Katiuscia Zedda (Abinsula) and Antonello Carta (Agris). The objective of the tender is to develop integrated innovation and technology transfer processes, allowing farmers to manage the company, enhancing the management of big data with the help of artificial intelligence.

"The aim of this project is above all to create a system by making all the data collection systems in the sheep sector communicate - explained director Filippini; thanks to the active role of the companies the platform will be tested and validated. The skills will be transferred through the project relating to good management practices and the management of a company, to improve it in terms of profit and sustainability. Farms have the opportunity to grow and become protagonists within a process that can change the companies themselves and the face of the industry. Sardinian economy".

The call for tenders will remain open for one month and all funded projects must be completed by October 2025, in compliance with the times set by the PNRR. The announcement, contacts and all useful information are available on the IZS website, www.izs-sardegna.it.