Ideas Competition "Inclusione_UNISS": Support actions for students with special needs

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The University of Sassari has decided to use the proceeds from the share of the IRPEF Five per thousand taxpayers' tax (annual 2022) to promote the merit of students through a series of idea competitions including the "Inclusione_UNISS: Actions of support for students with special needs”.

This initiative aims to reward the two most innovative projects on the topic of inclusion in the university context, with particular attention to providing adequate support to disabled students and those with Specific Learning Disabilities (DSA).

The main objective of the competition is to guarantee all students equal opportunities for access to education and success in their academic career. The projects presented must therefore identify and propose concrete actions aimed at improving the inclusion of students with disabilities and DSA, promoting a more welcoming and accessible university environment.

The competition is open to all students enrolled and matriculated at the University of Sassari. Participation can take place both individually and in groups, including student groups and associations registered in the UNISS Register.

The two most innovative projects will receive a prize of 5,000 euros each. This sum is intended to finance the implementation of the proposed ideas, concretely contributing to the improvement of university inclusion.

This initiative represents one of many carried out in recent years to promote an inclusive and supportive academic environment. By using Five per Thousand funds to finance worthy projects, the University demonstrates its commitment to enhancing merit and supporting SES students, ensuring that everyone has the same opportunities for success.

Applications to participate in the ideas competition must be drawn up according to the procedures set out in the published notice.

The proposals, thus drawn up, must be presented by sending the project in a single "pdf" file, containing all the information, data, images and documents deemed useful, to the email address premistudio@uniss. it

The deadline for sending proposals is set at 15 July 2024, 12.00.

In the subject of the email you must specify “INCLUSION IDEAS COMPETITION_UNISS”

For any information, the Orientation Office of the University of Sassari can be contacted.