European University of Islands, Ports and Coastal Territories

Delegazione universitaria in posa in una stanza

A delegation from the University of Sassari attended the final validation meeting for the submission of the EUNICoast consortium - "European University of Islands, Ports and Coastal Territories," developed in collaboration with twelve universities to establish a European Universities Alliance.

The meeting was held in Barcelona, Spain, between January 16 and 18, 2024. During the last working day, the Vice-rector for the Third Mission, Prof. Pier Andrea Serra, attended the consortium rectors’ virtual meeting to formally confirm the University of Sassari's willingness to actively participate in the construction of this new space of academic collaboration.
UNISS will coordinate the section dedicated to Community Engagement, that is, the engagement of universities and their local communities to develop solutions to local problems in a participatory manner.

The University will also serve as deputy coordinator of the "Mobility and Internationalization: Connecting European shores to foster dynamic mobility" section.
The delegation included the Rector’s Delegate for Internationalization (Science area), Prof. Claudia Crosio, Prof. Andrea Vargiu (DUMAS), Prof. Marco Vannini (DISEA) and Tonito Solinas (Mobility and International Relations Office), and it met with the representatives of the other universities to finetune the project
proposal, the result of an intense collective effort that lasted more than eight months and involved numerous professional profiles.

The application will be formally submitted by Feb. 6.
European Universities are transnational alliances between higher education institutions that have the ambition to become the universities of the future, promoting European values and increasing the quality and competitiveness of European higher education, while contributing to Europe's resilience and recovery.

The consortium

The consortium, led by the University of Le Havre Normandie (France) includes:

- Åland University of Applied Sciences (Finland)
- Free University of Burgas (Bulgaria)
- University of Dubrovnik (Croatia)
- University of the Faroe Islands (Denmark)
- University of Antilles (France)
- University of Stralsund (Germany)
- University of Patras (Greece)
- University of Sassari (Italy)
- University of the Azores (Portugal)
- Western Pomeranian University of Technology (Poland)
- EMUNI University (Slovenia)
- University of the Balearic Islands (Spain)