"Cease fire, peace"

Striscione per la pace sulla facciata dell'Università di Sassari

With the banner "Cease fire, peace!" now dominating the facade of the University of Sassari, the second Friday dedicated to peace and the call for an end to conflicts fueling wars is inaugurated in the northern Sardinian city. 

The request also serves as a hymn of hope to remind everyone that peace and rights regain strength and vitality through symbolic actions like this one.

Associations note not only the interest shown by the University of Sassari in issues pertaining to the respect of fundamental human rights but also the impact that this commitment has in stirring people's sensitivities.

"By embracing the proposal of Sassari associations, I express great concern about the continued proliferation of new theaters of war and hope that dialogue among diplomatic forces will soon implement a peace plan to end all forms of violence," commented the Rector, Gavino Mariotti.