Blended Intensive Programmes

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Erasmus+ enables students to carry out short-term study and internship activities and staff to carry out innovative activities and training courses through Blended Intensive Programs. BIPs involve short periods of in-person activities combined with online learning and cooperation, in which joint groups of students and administrative staff from different countries can participate to work collectively and simultaneously.
The innovative formula of BIPs is designed to develop transnational and transdisciplinary curricula, innovative teaching and learning methods, including online collaboration, as well as to stimulate research-based learning related to the current context.
Intensive blended programs have a minimum duration of 5 and a maximum duration of 30 days and must award students at least 3 ECTS credits.

A blended intensive program ("BIP") must be designed and implemented by at least 3 higher education institutions with ECHE, from at least 3 Erasmus+ Program countries. Furthermore, any other higher education institution or organization based in a Program country, such as a company, NGO or research center, can participate. They can also involve staff members from companies as trainers.

The University of Sassari is an active participant in BIP, and provides fundings for students, as follows:

  • € 79 per day up to the 14th day of physical mobility
  • € 56 per day from the 15th to the 30th day of physical mobility

The virtual part may not be funded.

The funding provided for University of Sassari's staff follows the line of STT mobility funding.

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BIP calls for applications

Per partecipare ad un BIP, consulta i bandi aperti nella sezione dedicata