Ulisse mobility for study

Contest fotogratico

The Ulisse Programme supports your mobility programme for study to be carried out at an organisation or institution in any country in the world, as long as the minimum safety conditions are met (see ViaggiareSicuri) and the mobility agreement is approved in advance by your department in the framework of a UNISS call for grants.

For the academic year 2023-2024, Ulisse mobility for study must have a minimum duration of 30 days and may benefit from a maximum grant amouting to € 3,000.00 for mobility programmes in non-EU countries (and € 2,100.00 for mobility programmes in EU countries). On an annual basis, the Administration may provide for the payment of additional grants for an amount not exceeding the budget availability for the year of reference.

For more information on study opportunities abroad, the affiliated partners or the dated of the calls soon to be published, please contact tsolinas@uniss.it or the Departmental Contact Persons for the Ulisse Programme