ESN Sassari

ESN Sassari

The Erasmus Student Network (ESN) is a network of associations scattered across Europe.

The ESN Sassari branch offers incoming students several services, such as airport pick-up and practical help in finding accommodation. In addition, ESN organises social gatherings, excursions and sports activities, visits to the "Cortes Apertas" during "Autunno in Barbagia" to get to know, day after day, the city of Sassari and Sardinia as a whole, while learning the Italian language. 

Thanks to the Italian Naval League, as part of the 'Erasmus Sailing in Sardinia' programme, Erasmus students may join ESN and participate in the "Vento de l'Alguer" sailing regattas hosted by various crews.

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A message from the Association

Associazione Erasmuss - ESN Sassari was founded in the Autumn of 2005 and became part of the Erasmus Student Network (ESN) in March 2006. All its members are volunteers, mostly former Erasmus students, who work every day in order to help international students hosted by the University of Sassari. The desire to stay in touch with different cultures, the spirit of collaboration and solidarity typical of exchange students, combined with the interest in helping those who undertake the wonderful experience of studying abroad every year, is what moves us to keep doing ESN.

We are involved in orientation and welcoming of Incoming students: ESN Sassari is committed to helping Erasmus students integrate into the city and university structures. We offer the Pick-Up service aimed at Erasmus students who arrive in the city of Sassari for the first time, a wonderful opportunity to get to know each other immediately and not feel alone even for a moment. Once they arrive, we help students in finding accommodation. We provide support in university life, information on paperwork and bureaucracy, on degree courses, and above all practical advice from our experience to make studying at our university much less complicated.

Once Erasmus students feel more comfortable with the new environment, social activities begin. We organize cultural visits and excursions, both in the city of Sassari and throughout all Sardinia and Italy. Of course, there are also parties and events; we offer many moments of socialization such as parties, sports, language exchanges, theater, cinema, music nights, and cultural visits. But not only that, we also participate in national and international events, meetings with other Italian and European Erasmus students, in order to offer students the opportunity to visit the country in a fun way and at very affordable costs.

ESN is an extraordinary example of how volunteering can positively influence the lives of many people. It is also thanks to volunteers that young people manage to feel at home away from their homes; we make integration possible, we share experiences, and we create memories that will last a lifetime. Our desire is to spend splendid months together with you during your stay in Sassari and to remain in your hearts, as it always happens, even once you return home.

If Erasmus changes your life, ESN shakes it up!