Calls for scholarships for International Student Recruitment

UNISS-funded Scholarships

Studenti internazionali

The University of Sassari acknowledges the value of diversity in both cultural and academic contexts. For this reason, in line with its 'Internationalisation at home' strategy, also developed within the framework of EU initiatives such as the so-called European Universities Alliances, the University devotes particular attention and resources to encouraging the enrolment of international students, offering them unique opportunities for study and academic growth.

UNISS publishes annual calls for applications for financial aid and facilities.

The scholarships are intended to financially support international students wishing to enrol in first (EQF-6), second (EQF-7) and third (EQF-8) level programmes provided by the University Departments.

These tangible actions testify to the university's ongoing commitment to creating a welcoming and inclusive environment, while promoting academic excellence at a global level. 

The University of Sassari therefore invites international students to explore the opportunities offered through the annual calls for applications and to actively participate in this stimulating educational experience.

Scholarships offered by the Italian Government to foreign and Italian students living abroad (IRE)

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation (MAECI) is offering scholarships to foreign students and Italians living abroad (IRE) for the Academic Year 2023-2024, with the aim of fostering cooperation in the cultural, scientific and technological fields, the projection of Italy's economic system throughout the world and the dissemination of knowledge of the Italian language and culture (Ref. Law 288/55 and subsequent amendments and supplements).

The scholarship only covers attendance of programmes held on the Italian territory.

The call for scholarships and the list of beneficiary countries are available on the following page:

Applicants may only apply through the “Study in Italy” Portal