Day of Color 2024

Alghero (SS)


Arkimastria is an autonomous student association founded in 2004 at the Department of Architecture, Design, and Urban Planning (DADU) in Alghero. Established by a group of pas­sionate students, Arkimastria has always aimed to be a refer­ence point for the student community and beyond, promoting the dissemination of architectural, urban, and design culture in all its forms.

The association serves as a place for meeting, aggregation, and growth, creating an environment where creativity and innovation can flourish. Arkimastria is committed to fostering an inclusive and stimulating environment open to everyone through various cultural, educational, and social activities.

The vision of the association is to enrich the academic, urban, and cultural reality through the active and creative involve­ment of the community, proposing an innovative and partici­patory approach.

Anyone can become a member and take an active part in the association. We look forward to welcoming you!



Giornata del Colore (GDC) is the most important and eager­ly awaited event organized by Arkimastria. Conceived by the association, the GDC has reached its ninth edition this year. This event is designed as an opportunity for growth and com­munity building through a series of conferences, workshops, labs, social gatherings, and events. Each edition of the GDC is characterized by a specific theme, explored through various interventions and activities. For 2024, the chosen theme is summarized in the title "noMADE' which delves into the con­cept of nomadism and the reclamation of abandoned spaces.

The activities proposed for this occasion will culminate in the celebration on June 15th. Past editions have seen a large number of engaged participants. Approaching the beautiful season, the event aims to attract a broader audience, includ­ing students, tourists, and curious people of all ages.


The event aims to engage diverse groups of people with common interests to discuss a theme and analyze it from different perspectives. This year's theme is encapsulated in the title "noMADE' which can be read as the italian word for "NOMAD" and the english "NO MADE," implying "not made," "unfinished," or "abandoned."

Living from a nomadic perspective means inhabiting a place temporarily, and altering its landscape with one's habits. In this light, a sense of belonging to the place develops, which helps to express and realize its potential. Conversely, in the absence of a community that inhabits and benefits from it, the urban space loses its meaning, remaining unfinished and expres­sionless.

The student community is not nomadic in the literal sense, but it is a heterogeneous group of individuals who share part of their journey and, in doing so, modify the space they inhabit. This way of living in the city highlights the importance of dynamic interaction between the place itself and those who live in it.

Through an integrated approach that involves the community, an abandoned space can be transformed into a place that inspires, connects, and improves the quality of life.