The current challenges of criminal justice

Department of Law - Viale Mancini 5 (Sassari)
alle ore 15:00

Since December 13th, a journey has begun, marked by five seminars aimed at delving into the urgent issues of modern criminal justice: the death penalty, international crimes, gender-based violence, humanitarian organizations, and prison issues.

The next scheduled meeting for March 4th at 3:00 PM will feature the presentation of the book "Justice without Borders," by Prof. Antonio Marchesi and Riccardo Noury, both leaders of Amnesty International. They will engage in a dialogue on the theme of international criminal justice alongside legal experts: Prof. G.P. Demuro and Prof. L. Goisis, and international law specialists: Prof. S. Sanna and Prof. S. Angioi.

Furthermore, attending the entire seminar series entitles students of the Department of Law to 5 ECTS credits.

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